When Minuet Parnell starts her new job as an assistant in Queensway Palace, she thinks she’s finally settling into her career. But keeping her life private and, most importantly, anonymous becomes increasingly difficult as she falls for Prince Max, the youngest of the trio of royal siblings she works alongside.

Amid planning balls for visiting dignitaries, writing speeches for fundraisers, and befriending the five-year-old future queen, Min tries to keep herself at a distance. Yet the closer she must work with Prince Max, the more he slips past her boundaries, and the more she dreams of tearing them down.

Minuet explores how proximity to power and celebrity can open fissures in a life, and how letting yourself be happy can be the most vulnerable place of all.

More than anything, Jules wants to always recognize her niece, Raine. Because Jules has Prosopagnosia (often called “facial blindness”), this is far from a given, and why she moved to London when Raine was born. After living in London for six years, though, Jules wants her life to revolve around more than her niece and the increasingly busy world of Queensway Palace, even if one person there seems to have a draw all his own.

For more than a decade, Elise has avoided relationships. She’s avoided most because she’s already in love, and she’s avoided him because she wants to know she’s a principal ballerina because on her talent and hard work, not because she’s dating a royal. Recently, however, Elise has been wondering what else might be out there for her, and if a black ballerina can feel at home in Britain’s most powerful white family.

One day she’ll inherit. Today, she hopes to fall in love.